A Black Girls Financial Bingo Board 

Who's up for the challenge? Mark off each square as you conquer your financial milestones. Let's make 2024 the year we level up our money game together! 💰✨

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Personal Spending Plan

Using a budget is like having a secret map for your money! It helps you see where your cash goes and makes sure it's going where you want. With a budget, you can save for fun stuff, and still have enough for important things. It's like being the boss of your money and making sure it works hard for you. 💰✨

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Final Wishes Planning Guide

"Empower yourself with our Final Wishes Guide, a comprehensive document designed to assist you in crafting a personalized farewell that reflects your unique journey. From essential personal details to heartfelt preferences in music, flowers, and eulogies, this guide helps you articulate your final wishes. Navigate financial considerations seamlessly with sections addressing bank accounts, life insurance, and safe deposit boxes. Your story deserves to be told your way, and our guide ensures your legacy is celebrated with the dignity and respect it deserves."

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